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St. Petersburg

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Three nights in Saint Petersburg (4 Days / 3 Nights)

You can never have enough of St. Petersburg, but if you have four days to spare and wish to see some of one of the greatest cities in the world, this program will suite you perfectly. It is a day longer than our WEEKEND IN SPB tour, which gives you more free time to enjoy St. Petersburg on your own, tour the magnificent St. Isaac's, and attend a Folk Show at Nickolaevsky Palace.

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Activity: Sightseeing in St.Petersburg


Day 1
Arrival to St.Petersburg. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel*.
City Tour including visit to the Peter & Paul Fortress, the oldest building in town. The cathedral of the Fortress, though plain on the outside, has a magnificent baroque interior. Most of Russia's Romanov rulers are buried here (duration 3 hours).
*Water city tour along rivers and canals of St.Petersburg (duration 2 hours) can be additionally offered

Day 2
Excursion to the State Hermitage Museum (duration 3 hours).
The State Hermitage Museum holds a vast collection of Western European art. Besides one of its six buildings is the Winter Palace, residence of tsars Romanov from 1762 to 1917 and the largest part of the Museum, including gala halls richly decorated through the centuries of Romanov rule.
*During the fascinating midsummer "white nights" of Saint Petersburg can be offered "Night city tour" around the historical center of the city, when the bridges over Neva river are drawn

Day 3
- Suburb trip to Tsarskoe Selo (duration 5 hours)
Pushkin town (ex-Tsarskoe Selo) - evocative of the rosy days and the grey days of the Romanovs, the summer palaces were created for Empress Elizabeth and Catherine the Great.
The baroque Catherine Palace and/o the classical Alexander Palace. Favourite haunt of Nicholas and Alexandra, it ironically became their prison when they were put under house arrest before being shunted off to Yekaterinburg.
*In the evening we suggest unforgettable performance at one of the former imperial Opera&Ballet Theatres of Saint Petersburg - Mariinsky Theatre (former Kirov Opera and Ballet theatre), Musorgsky Theatre, Alexander Theatre, etc.

Day 4 - Yusupov Palace visit. One exposition of this mansion reveals the life of aristocracy in Saint Petersburg, telling about one of the richest men in Russia, Price Yusupov, another excursion goes down to the secret apartment of his son, Felix, where on night of December, 17, 1916, his highness with conspirators killed Rasputin. Transfer to the airport. Departure from St.Petersburg.

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