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St. Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg Landmarks & Bridges

St. Petersburg was built on the delta of the River Neva and is spread out over numerous islands of varying sizes, frequently prompting the nickname the "City of 101 Islands". Over the centuries numerous bridges were built to connect these islands across the various tributaries of the Neva and the city's many canals (Moika, Fontanka, Kanal Griboyedova, etc.).

During the summer months when the river isn't frozen, the bridges across the Neva open at night to allow ships to pass up and down the river. Bridges open from May to late October according to a special schedule. Make sure you check the schedules and don't get caught on the wrong side of the river after 2 a.m., or you will be stranded on the wrong side of the river until the drawbridges are lowered between approximately 4:30 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Alexander Nevsky Bridge at 905.7 meters is the longest bridge in St. Petersburg. Built in the 1960s, it is also one of the most modern and practical bridges in the Northern Capital.

Anichkov Bridge - The first bridge to span the Fontanka River, historic Anichkov Bridge combines strict and simple form with high artistic and unique decoration.

The Bank Bridge - Historic Bank Bridge (1825-1826) is a colorful reminder of St. Petersburg's glorious past. The charming chain footbridge spans the picturesque Griboedov Canal in one of the most beautiful and historic quarters of the city.

Blue Bridge is the widest bridge in the Venice of the North covering an impressive width of 97.3 meters (321.1 feet) and is an important part of the St. Isaac's Ploshchad architectural ensemble. The bridge stands in front of the Mariinsky Palace in the heart of the historical city center.

Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge (1909-1911) uniquely combines the modernist and Romanesque architectural styles in one structure. The bridge is very different from the other drawbridges, which span the wide Neva River. In fact, it was uniquely built so that the middle span of the bridge is raised upwards by an innovative electrical mechanical system.

Egyptian Bridge - Built in the 1950s, after the original chain bridge of the same name tragically collapsed into the Fontanka River. The new bridge combines modern architectural elements with Egyptian themes.

Leutenant Schmidt Bridge - The first bridge to unite the banks of the Neva River and the first bridge on the course from the Gulf of Finland to the center of the Northern Capital, historic Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge plays an important role as an entryway for sea-going vessels into the city.

Lions Bridge - Historic Lions Bridge (1826) gets its name from the four majestic cast-iron lions that appear to ingeniously and mysteriously guard the passageway onto the charming chain footbridge. The bridge spans picturesque Griboyedov Canal in one of the most beautiful and historic quarters of St. Petersburg.

Lomonosov Bridge boasts four picturesque towers topped off with cupolas with round ball-like golden urns and fascinatingly combines middle-age architectural style with eighteenth century Russian reality.

The Palace Bridge - Renowned for the view of the SS Peter and Paul Fortress through its raised spans, the Palace Bridge also offers some of the best views of the Vasilevsky Island Spit. Of the seven drawbridges crossing the wide Neva River, the Palace Bridge was perhaps the most challenging to build.

Trinity Bridge - The uniquely modernist styled Trinity Bridge is considered one of the most expressive bridges in the city. The enchanting silhouette of the drawbridge consists of varying arching spans bordered on the top by swooping curves, which rise gradually to the bridge's center. The bridge is especially beautiful at night when its silhouette is light up.

Exchange Bridge - Spanning the Maly Neva River and linking the Vasilyevsky Island Spit with the Petrograd Side, Exchange Bridge (1956) provides an important transport artery in St. Petersburg while at the same time serving as the right wing of an intricate architectural ensemble, which includes Palace Bridge and Exchange Ploshchad.

First Engineer Bridge - Spanning the Moika River and sparkling green and gold, First Engineer Bridge connected the old wooden Summer Palace of Empress Elizabeth with the historic Summer Gardens (Letniy Sad) and today remains one of the most richly decorated bridges in the northern capital with its beautiful railings and magnificent floor lamps.

Italian Bridge - Spanning the historic Canal Griboyedova in the heart of the historic city center between Nevsky Prospekt and the Church on the Spilled Blood, 19th century classical-styled Italian Bridge adorns the canal with its wonderful ornately decorated lampposts, lamps, railings and girders.

Tuchkov Bridge - The first bridge to span the Maly Neva River and connect the city's largest island Vasilyevsky Island with central St. Petersburg, Tuchkov Bridge at 900 meters or (2970 feet) was also the longest bridge built in the Northern capital in the 18th century.

Volodarsky Bridge - Spanning the wide Neva River in the southeastern part of St. Petersburg, Volodarsky Bridge (1932-1936) combines a simple and clear-cut design with an innovative flexible arch support system to create a unique industrial drawbridge design that casts an interesting and matchless silhouette.

Lower Swan Bridge - Completed in 1837 Lower Swan Bridge spans the mouth of Swan Canal between magical Letny Sad and historic Mars Field, where it empties into the Moika Canal in the enchanting center of St. Petersburg.

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