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About Moscow

More than 8mln people are living in Moscow, and more than 11mln in Moscow with its suburbs. Initially, Russians predominated, and this is true now as well, although there are some changes in proportions between Russians, Tatars, Jews and people from the Caucasus republics. Muscovites by birth are not so numerous now. Christianity is a predominant religion in Moscow. Russian Orthodox Church is most popular, other religious societies are active: Moslems, Protestants, Old-believers, Single-believers, Judaism. Each religious confession has its own church, or synagogue, or any other house for praying, as well as a school and publishing house. ct "pure" language.

History of Moscow
The Kremlin and its surrounds were probably settled by the 11th century, but the founding of Moscow is traditionally ascribed to Yury Dolgoruky, Prince of Suzdal, who is recorded as giving a feast here in 1147. In 1237-38 Moscow was sacked along with the rest of the Vladimir-Suzdal realm by Tatars led by Batu, Genghis Khan's grandson. More

Moscow has a railway network that links to most parts of Russia, awswell as most former Soviet states, China and countries in Eastern and Western Europe. Moscow itself has nine main train stations, all with metro stations on the spot. Moscow is also well linked by road.

Moscow location & climate
Moscow is located at 55.55'of northern latitude and 37.37' to the east of the Greenwich's meridian, in the centre of the East-European plain.

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Russian travel agency. Travel Russia & Caucasus. Romantic vacations, sightseeing, adventure & extreme tours
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