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Romance tour to Pyatigorsk, Russia

The first step in any journey is the hardest, but not if your trip starts here.

Love Russian Wife in  association with Elian Travel offer all the information and services you need to plan your first trip to Pyatigorsk, Russia. Love Russian Wife can arrange for all your personal requirements during your visit. Your life should not be filled with stress about travel matters while you are trying to focus on matters of the heart. Your correspondence, photos, gifts and maybe phone calls have created an understanding of friendship and a feeling of love, but nothing can replace a meeting in person. The very first meeting will define your future together. We can even arrange for the woman of your dreams to be waiting for you to come through Russian customs. If you are not comfortable with the pen and would prefer to choose the woman of your dream in person then a visit to one of the most romantic cities on the South of Russia is a must. We will arrange meetings with any of our beautiful women on our web site or assist you to locate that special woman from thousands of beautiful women in Pyatigorsk who will only agree to meet men who arrive in person.

Tour standard duration 7 days (can be customized and exceed upun the request)


Day 1 Meeting in Moscow airport. Transfer to Vnukovo airport + excursion short Moscow trip. Flight to Mineral Vody. Transfer to to our private apartment in Pyatigorsk. Dinner.

Day 2 - 6 Customized program including free arranged meeting, excursions (up to 7 of your choose), sightseeing and nigthlife. Every day is planned as you want. Fully customizable

Day 7 Transfer to Mineral Vody airport. Flight to Moscow. Transfer to Sheremetievo II Airport for flight home. In case of extra free time - Moscow tour could be done with Kremlin visit and other excursion


$ 1150.00  * $100 per each additional day.

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On your arrival in Moscow or Mineralnye Vody a member of our English-speaking staff will meet you at the airport. We e-mail you a photo of our English speaking staff member who will meet you at the airport. Our staff member will also have your photo and a sign so your trip will start off with as little stress as possible. All travel arrangements are based on your arrival in Moscow and travel to Pyatigorsk by train or by plane accompanied by a member of our staff. If you request the woman you have been corresponding with can meet you at the airport with a member of our staff. We will contact her to determine if her work will allow this. As soon as she informs us if she can accept your invitation we will reserve a private compartment for you, your lady and our English speaking staff member. We think this is a fun way to spend uninterrupted time getting to know the woman you have been dreaming of meeting. Our staff member will have prepared a picnic for your train trip. There are no direct flights from most foreign countries to Mineralnye Vody -Pyatigorsk, Russia. You will have to change planes and most likely airports with a possibility of an overnight stay in Moscow if you decide to fly to Mineralnye Vody-Pyatigorsk, Russia. Allow a minimum of one to two hours to go through customs in Moscow. However there is also the option of travel through several other international airports other than Moscow that allow you to arrive and depart in Min-Vody - Pyatigorsk, Russia. If you are not an experienced foreign traveler we do not recommend this especially for Moscow without our representative's assistance. You can request any of the options listed here when you complete your travel questionnaire. We will make adjustments in price for any requested options and e-mail you a price adjustment quote and final acceptance form with your invitation.

Your one bedroom two room apartment will be located in a convenient part of the city with easy access to transit. Your apartment is fully furnished including cable TV, VHS video tape player capable of playing Russian and American formats, stereo system and records collection, and all the cooking and dining utensils required should you desire to dine at home some during your stay. Remember Russian women enjoy cooking and may want to demonstrate their ability at least once during your stay. Your refrigerator will be completely stocked during your stay with bottled water and a list of breakfast food and snack items you will choose prior to your arrival.

We will also provide you with an order form for additional food and beverages that can be purchased for you. House cleaning service will be provided daily.

Laundry service is also available during your stay.

Now for the most important part of your visit - your first meeting. If you have been corresponding with one or two ladies you will be more relaxed, but our trained interpreter will assist making both you and the lady of your dreams first meeting memorable. Do not worry that about the "LANGUAGE BARRIER". Most women in Russia know some English. Our driver also can speak English and will assist you should you like to take a romantic tour of any of the scenic points of interest in Mineralnye Vody region. Please take time to study the various places of interest on our Pyatigorsk and Mineralnye Vody REGION page you can offer your lady for a relaxing excursion. We also recommend that you present your woman a rose or small box of chocolates on your first meeting. However if you decide after spending some time any woman you have met has created more doubts than hopes we can also offer to discuss these concerns between the two of you or offer meetings with any other women on our site. The most common and worst mistake most men who have been corresponding with a woman make is an "all or nothing" attitude when they arrive for their first meeting with the woman of their dreams. Remember relationships are unpredictable. Please remain flexible and open-minded and carefully study all the information we will e-mail on preparation for your first visit to Russia. Our staff interpreter can also offer advice that you will find helpful. We also have an English speaking staff member on call 24 hours a day should an emergency arise for any reason. Many promise but few come. Yes you men that are adventuresome can meet many women in Russia who want to meet men, but will not place their profile with an agency. They know many men write women on the internet, but never keep their promise to visit. Many men who visit find that a woman they were not attracted to on our web site is the woman of their dreams in person. We will request a good quality photo of yourself that we will show to the women we think best match your profile prior to your visit, this will assure you that you will lose no time in your search or choice. Please refer to SPECIAL MATCH SERVICE.

Our professional interpreter has many years of experience in helping couples feel relaxed especially during their first meeting. Our interpreter will spend up to two hours with each woman you meet. She will assist the two of you answer normal questions and build a foundation of friendship, understanding and LOVE. This should allow you enough time to decide if you want to meet again.

If you wish our interpreter to spend more time with the two of you, this service is $8.00 USD per hour or $40.00 per day - from 10 a. m. till 6 p. m. Later hours can be arranged for you per your request. If you are visiting Pyatigorsk to meet the woman you have been corresponding with we offer one 8 hour day with the two of you or two four hour sessions. If you wish our interpreter to spend additional time with the two of you it is $5.00 USD per hour or $40.00 USD per day. Later hours can be arranged per your request. Remember most Russian women know some English, but embarrass easily if they make a mistake. A great gift to give a woman when you order your tourist invitation is one 10 lesson language course. This will let her review and practice her language skills. It will also give her an opportunity to think about moving to another country.
Any extra expenses, miscellaneous expenses will be paid on the day of your departure. We will provide you each day with an itemized list of any extra expenses.

Your time though limited should allow you at least one day to tour the sites of the Mineralnyye-Vody region. We can arrange for our English speaking driver to chauffeur you and the woman of your choice for $50.00 USD per day.

We can also prepare a romantic lunch with wine, a wonderful gift any time of the year. Our driver knows where there are many cozy spots even in the middle of winter for the two hearts in LOVE.

Any extra expenses miscellaneous expenses calls will be paid on the day of your departure. We will provided you each day with a itemized list of any extra expenses.


Our staff has fun preparing a special surprise one evening for each of our foreign visitors and a woman of their choice during your visit. As you learn about the woman of your dreams our staff also learns about you. We hope that each surprise is something special that will make your time in Pyatigorsk even more memorable.

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