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Elbrus Tours

Climbing mount Elbrus / 8-14 days
This tour gives you an opportunity to take a wonderful journey in the region of Elbrus. Elbrus is the Highest mountain in Europe. The altitude of its western peak is 5.642 m, and the eastern one - 5,621m. With proper acclimatisation, the help of your skilled guides and, of course, good weather, you can reach your personal altitude record.
Ski & Snowboard on Elbrus / 7-15 days
Elbrus is Europe�s highest summit, yet is one of more accessible high-altitude peaks. This trip provides fine skiing both in the vicinity of Elbrus and on the mountain itself. There are runs of varying difficulty - for top skiers and for �greenhorns� (novices). Different ski descents are up to 15 km long. They all are very interesting and breathtaking - along Mt. Elbrus and other exellent slopes. Indisputably, Elbrus is wonderful place for relaxation and skiing.
Heli-Ski on Elbrus / 7-15 days
You want to get the real powder feeling? Then this is what you should sign on for! Probably there is no better area and snow in Europe for backcountry riding and heli skiing than here in the Caucasus. You should be a solid skier or snowboarder and should have at least some experience in off-piste skiing.
Trekking around mount Elbrus / 7-15 days
The central Caucasus offers breathtaking scenery of snow peaks, passes, waterfalls and wildflowers. All these picturesque places you will see during this trip. You will also see Mt.Elbrus from all sides. Welcome to this interesting adventure.
Mountain biking around mount Elbrus / 15 days