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Trekking in Dombai / 12 days

Period: June-September
Standard Duration: 14 days
Minimum duration: 7 days


Day 1 Transfer from Min.Vody to Dombai, Accomodation at the tent camp.
Day 2 Acclimatization hike to the Alibek glacier & waterfall & Caucasian Goat Lake
Day 3-6 1 trek (Dombai- Gonachkhir Gorge-Trout Lake-BuulgenGorge-Chuchkhur Gorge-Dombai-Ulgen Gorge-Dombai)
Day 3 Transfer Dombai - Gonachkhir Gorge (Trout Lake), transfer to the fork between Gonachkhir & Buulgen Gorge. Hike to the Buulgen Gorge at the place of the camp (2 hours). Radial hike to the Buulgen Waterfalls.
Day 4 Buulgen Gorge - Chuchkhur Pass (2850m, 2-2.5 hours) Chuchkhur Gorge. Dombai - Ulgen Gorge (2.5-3h) Camp here at the confluence of the Chuchkhur & Ptysh rivers
Day 5 Radial hike to the Ptysh and Dombai camping places.
6th day. Descent to Dombai.
7th day. Radial hike to the Amanauz Gorge - conyons& Waterfalls
8-9-10-11-12th days 2 trek (Dombai-Ulu Murudzhu Gorge Lakes-Nazylykol Gorge-Orutchat Gorge-Dzhamagat Gorge-Teberda-Dombai)
8th day. Dombai- Ulu-Murudzhu Gorge. Transfer to the fork of Teberda Valley & Ulu-Murudzhu Gorge. Hike to the Ulu-Murudzhu Gorge at the place of the camp (5-6 hours, 2300m high)
9th day. Radial hike to the Murudzhu Lakes (Blue or Black lake) 2850m height
10th day. Ulu-Murudzhu Gorge (3 hours) - Nazylykol Pass (3.5-4 hours) & Gorge 2300-3200-2300m high 6-6.5 hours
11th day. Nazylykol Gorge-Orutchat Gorge-Orutchat Lakes 2300-2200-2800-2680-2800 (4-4.5 hours)
12th day. Orutchat Gorge - Dzhamagat Gorge-Teberda -2800-1400-Dombai (3-3.5 hours)
13th day. Transfer Dombai- Min-Vody

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Tour price Not include: Visa costs, insurance.

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Russian travel agency. Travel Russia & Caucasus. Romantic vacations, sightseeing, adventure & extreme tours
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