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Mount Kazbek  (Kasbek)

Extinct volcano located in the eastern part of Central Caucasus.
16558 ft (5047 m)     Highest point in Georgia .
Location: Eastern Caucasus,
just south of Russia-Georgia border
Lat / Long: 42.7� N, 44.5� E
Volcanic Type: Stratovolcano
Volcanic Status: Dormant
First Ascent: D. W. Freshfield, C. C. Tucker, A. W. Moore,
and F. Devouassoud, 1868
First Ski Descent:  
Skiable Vertical: up to 11000 ft (3300 m)
Climbing of Kazbek (Mkinvartsvery) / 8-9 days
Kazbek is a prominent and historically well-known volcano, one of six peaks in the Caucasus to exceed the 5000 meter mark (Elbrus and Kazbek are the only volcanoes in that select group). Kazbek sits just west of the main road extending north from Tbilisi, Georgia, into Russia, which has been a major route through the Caucasus for many centuries. Kazbek towers more than 11000 ft (3300 m) above the town of Kazbegi in a distance of only 6 miles (10 km), a very impressive vertical rise. Yet the volcano itself is a relatively small cone about 1500 ft (450 m) in height sitting atop a high pedestal of older non-volcanic rock which forms the crest of the Caucasus Mountains. Eight major glaciers flow from the summit region far down into the adjacent valleys, and weather conditions can be exceptionally severe, with temperatures as low as -94�F (-70�C) recorded at the old meteorological observatory at 12000 ft (3600 m). The standard climbing or skiing route ascends west from Kazbegi up the Gergeti Glacier to this observatory and continues on to the prominent pass west of the peak, then turns east along the ridge to the summit.

Kazbek - Dzhimarai-Tepli

Kazbek is a top in the central part of the Big Caucasus, in Georgia (5033 m). There are subalpine meadows on its slopes, and higher there are eternal snows. The general area of the glaciers is 135 км2. Dzhimara (Dzhimarai-Khokh, Gimarai-Khokh) is the top of the Big Caucasus to the West from Kazbek (4780 m).

Kazbek and Eastern Caucasus

In the Eastern Caucasus, the weather is drier than in the Western and Central ranges, and the mountains form isolated massifs, rather than glaciated chains. At the far eastern end, semi-desert conditions prevail as the range approaches the Caspian Sea. The mountains rise out of barren foothills and are generally lower and less dramatic than their Central Caucasus neighbors. There are very few glaciers.

Gergeti Glacier (normal route)

  • From the village of Kazbegi (1700m) to Observatory meteorologigal station (3680m, 4-6h). From there along Gergeti glacier to summit. RUS 2A (35-40�), 6-8h.

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