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Ski & Snowboard In Russia

Russian winters are legendary for vanquishing invading armies, but they also offer some spectacular winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding.

There are more than 100 ski areas around Russia. While many of them are small, with equipment and resort areas that need updating, there are some brilliant exceptions in the Caucasus mountain area, in Southern Russia.

Our agency offers you such mountain-skiing destinations as Cheget, Elbrus, Krasnaya Polyana, Dombai and Southern Ural.

The professional guides will advice a route that perfectly suits your skiing skills and provide with maximum safety. The heli-ski groups are serviced by helicopters "МИ-8 МТВ" that are capable of landing at altitudes of 4500 meters and above.

Krasnaya Polyana

One can ski through a succession of wonderful slopes and bowls in the great snow conditions, that are not found anymore in Europe. The altitude of the resort is 540 meters above the sea level. Skiing is avaliable till april.

Accomodation: 4-stars hotel "Raddisson SAS Peak hotel", "Krasnaya Polyana", "Tsarskiy Domik", "Edelveis", "Mzymta Mountain Club".

Distance: Adler (Sochi) - Krasnaya Polyana 40 km.

Skiing zone: 540 - 2228 m.

Length of the slops: 24 km.

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It is a modern recreation, a mountain climbing&skiing center and tourist Mecca of the Great Caucasus. At present one can find a tourist complex of 12 hotels here.

A pair armchair funicular almost 1900 meters in length and two towing bow-collector funiculars build across the slope of the mountain Mussa-Achitara are at mountain-skiers disposal.

Accomodation: "Gornye Vershini", "Dombai", "Taulu", "Snezhinka". '

Distance: Dombai - Minwody 190, Dombai-Nalchik 130 km.

Number of ski lifts: 6.

Skiing zone: 581 - 1778 m.

Length of the slops: 18 km.

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Elbrus Area (Prielbrusie)

It's one of the three biggest alpine skiing resorts of Russia. In the deepness of the Baksan Valley you may visit the national park "Prielbrusie". The pride of the Caucasus is the beautiful double-headed Elbrus. The local people call it "Ash-Gamakho", that means "Happiness-bringing mountain". Skiing is available all year round.

Accomodation: "Cheget", "Itkol", "Volfram", "Terskol".

Distance: Terskol-Minwody 190 km, Terskol-Nalchik 130 km.

Number of ski lifts: on Cheget - 5, on Elbrus - 6.

Skiing zone: Cheget 2100 - 3550 m. Elbrus 2280 - 3800 m.

Length of the slops: Cheget 10 km, Elbrus 11 km.

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