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Rafting on Aksaut River / 8 days

The name Aksaut can be translated from turk languages as a White Water for the horses And really, the water is crystal pure even in floode period. This itinerary's designed for dynamical stiled people enjoy the fast running impressions. All the 80 km of the river are rather the one long uninterruptable technical rapid graded up to 4 class. You'll get much of fun from the breathtaking slalom on the sharp river curves. The nature's magnificent. Alpine stiled valleys, dominated by snow caped peaks(over 4000m), beautiful pine forest, transparent tarns and mountain streams make an unforgettable impression. This is one of the favorite places of our guides.

Period: July-September
Standard Duration: 8 days

Day 1 Transfer from the Rostov airport,( or the nevinnomyssk railway station). Border control and rescue service registration. Arrival to the rescuers base On the Upper Aksaut - Rudnichniy camp. Camping on the river bank.
Day 2 Acclimatization, trekking to the amazing Kti- Teberda Falls, and narzan springs. Observing the great peaks of main Caucasus ridge. Preparing to the rafting.
Day 3 Start of the rafting, crew work training, down river to the Slalom Canyon. Overnight in base camp close the deserted(unpopulated) village of Krasniy Karachay.
Day 4 The real rafting day. We start rafting the Slalom Canyon, Karachay, Narrow, and One Kilometered rapids.
Day 5 The rest. Enjoying the nature, trekking, freezed water swimming, Sauna!!! Overnight in the base camp
Day 6 Passing the Perpendicular Rapid and Red Canyon. Camping on the river bank
Day 7 Passing the "Osipnoy", and "Two Bridges" canyons. Camping on the river bank
Day 8 Finishing the rafting in the Hasaut village. transfer to the flight back.

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