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Climbing of Ushba - VIP / 8-9 days

Ushba - the most beautiful and difficult mountain of Caucasus, the Queen, which is proudly reigning above of all the Main Caucasian Range. More than the one hundred years history of ascensions of this mountain has retained many heroic and dramatic episodes. All the annals of  Russian and  world sportive mountain climbing is deeply connected with this strange name - Ushba, the name, which even local people - Swanetians, who live at foot of it, can not explain clearly...

 Ascension of Ushba is difficult both technically and psychologically, the mountain gets on the climber, tries to break him, to force him to give up before the Summit. It is impossible to tell, what the climber feels standing on top, among curling clouds there, where two worlds are merging the reality and the eternity... Only one thing I can tell you - all my climbs of Ushba are the brightest  moments of my life. Without this Mountain for me it wouldn't be fairy to repeat the words of my favorite writer: Well, the world is wonderful and surprising, there is something more in it than commerce, much more

This ascension requires serious preparation, good physical form and experience. We advice to climb Elbrus for acclimatization before trying Ushba.

Period: May - September
Standard Duration: 8 days
Minimum duration: 7 days


Climbing of the Northern Ushba by the Classical route takes 4-6 days from alpine-camp "Shchelda" 

Tour price Include: guide services, rent of basic equipment (tent, cord, belaying and navigating equipment, utensils, stoves), all transfers, registration, border permissions, food during all the program

Tour price Not include: cost of the air ticket to the place of  the program beginning and back, the climbing          insurance, rent of personal equipment.

Be ready to:
5-6 days of camping life in field conditions.
Cooking your meal by yourself..
Carrying backpack 15-20 kg.
The air temperature on the altitude more then 3000m can be quite low to -20C

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Russian travel agency. Travel Russia & Caucasus. Romantic vacations, sightseeing, adventure & extreme tours
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